The Sarthe

In the shire you will not fail to visit Château du Lude , famous MALICORNE faience manufactures, the SOLESME Abbey where you can attend offices sung in Gregorian, rare experience, the beautiful medieval village of Asnière on Vègre.

Castle of Lude

In north, you will go to the ALPES MANCELLES whose charm is linked to the quality and green landscapes. You can make many ballads and practise lot of sports activities on the river : Sarthe.

Abbey of Solesme

In the southern shire you are based in marvellous landscapes. The LOIRE is at 50 kilometers and the white stone of Tuffeau replaces the beautiful stone of the Alpes Mancelles. Let us quote in this quiet valley : La Flèche, Poncé sur Loir, La Chartre sur Loir, Château du Loir.

Between Chartre sur le Loir and Poncé, you will see the vine which grew up on the slope. Of course, it is with pleasure that we notice to our visitors that the Sarthe is a wine-producing place. You will find two vintages quite particular: Pineau d’Aunis, a little peppered and the very famous Jasnières white wine which is harmonized so well with “the Sarthoise Pot”, the Rillettes and the good chicken of LOUE. The wine of Jasnières has this rare quality to be surprising. Oldest it is, tasty it is.

Going back towards MONTFORT, you crosses the forest of BERCE, 5415 hactares, one of beautiful European oak grove. Finally a break at Montfort allow you to go over the day to visit Châteaux de la Loire which are at one hour of driving.

Castle of Chambord